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In the 2012-2013 Student Design Challenge, a team from the German University of Cairo in Egypt wowed judges with their clever irrigation solution. Two years later, the team, including Nariman Lotfi, Yara Yassin, Reham Mogawer, Mona Diab, Ahmed Hassan, and Doa'a Mohamed Refaat, is working hard to bring their innovation to market in Egypt.

Inspired by the dromedary camel's digestive system, the Egy-Osmo team set out to devise a better system for irrigating farms. Instead of the current system of stagnant canal water, the team's innovation - called Dromedarily Sustainable - creates constant water circulation using water energy from waterfalls along the canals, filters the water before it enters the irrigation ponds and reduces growth of plant pests.

Currently, the group is in a testing phase, where they're working to improve the design. Once the design is finalized, they would like to build a working model on land in Fayoum, Egypt. In addition to finding a business innovation specialist who can help them to develop their unique concept, they are eager to connect with experts and engineers who can help advise them during this testing phase. In the meantime, the group is busy with multiple biomimicry projects, including helping at a two-day biomimicry workshop and working with local organizations to incorporate biomimicry into their work.

Here's some advice they have for current Challenge participants:

1. Think small

“Develop an applicable concept no matter how small the problem it solves. If it simply makes a difference, you will feel great to have it real after such hard work."

2. Learn, learn, learn

“Attend the webinars meetings, ask as much as you can, and listen to other teams' questions. Learn from everyone in the team because they are all willing and eager to teach you everything you know. We practiced the art of pestering our mentors during the challenge by bombarding them with hundreds of questions!"

3. Have fun with the Challenge

“Enjoy the process. Do not look at it from a competitive point of view and you will be astonished how it will turn out in the end. The challenge truly proves that a small group of enthusiastic researchers from Egypt can develop a winning concept and go on to learn a completely new way of developing new designs."

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