Biomimicry is an interdisciplinary field and collaboration is critical to doing it well. For this reason, to submit an entry to the Challenge you must be part of a team with at least two members (limit eight). We also highly recommend connecting with mentors and subject matter experts who can answer questions during the design process, and help you take your design to the next level.

Once you have registered as an individual on the Challenge site, the following community features are available to you. Please refer to the Rules and FAQs page for additional information about using Challenge platform features.


Create a Team Profile

Once you and your teammates have registered, you may then create a profile for your team in the Team Directory. Doing so allows you to share your team information with other registered users, recruit new members, and connect with mentors and advisors in our community.

Find a team to join

If you do not yet have a team to work with, don't worry! Browse the Team Directory for existing teams that may be looking for additional members to round out their skills.


Find a mentor

Connect with mentors and subject matter experts who can help you during the design process. Once you have registered on the Challenge site and formed a Team, browse the Mentor Directory for those who that have the expertise you seek.

Become a mentor

Support budding biomimicry innovators by becoming a Global Design Challenge mentor. Mentors can contribute in many ways and you can self-select the amount of time to commit and how you prefer to support teams. Once you register on the Challenge site, fill out an application and complete your mentor profile in the Mentor Directory.

To learn more about the kinds of mentors we are looking for and other ways to share your expertise, click here.