How well you scope a challenge, design a concept that emulates nature, and exhibit a biomimicry design process are significant factors during judging. The following resources are provided to help you become familiar with the biomimicry approach and identify a clear climate change-related problem to work on.

Biomimicry Toolbox

The toolbox is your guide to applying nature's lessons to design challenges. This quick-start guide to biomimicry introduces the core concepts and methods that are essential to successfully incorporate insights from nature into design.


AskNature is the Biomimicry Institute's award-winning resource for biological inspiration. Browse nature's strategies and discover potential solutions to your design challenge. The curated collections, organized by theme, are a great place to start exploring.

Climate Change resources

Our collection of topical resources can help you identify a problem to approach, with an ultimate goal of helping humans and habitats adapt to climate change, reduce our carbon footprint, or sequester carbon using a biomimicry approach.


Our mentors are experienced biomimicry, technical, business, and educational professionals who volunteer their time and are available to all teams.

Support Webinars

Join Institute staff and guest experts for this series of live broadcast webinars, created specifically to help you create your best nature-inspired innovation for the Challenge.