Announcing the Land Institute sub-challenge!

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We are thrilled to be partnering with pioneering agricultural research organization The Land Institute to offer a $1000 sub-challenge for innovative new approaches to how we grow our food. Scientists at The Land Institute have spent decades researching crop species and agricultural approaches that mimic how ecosystems survive and thrive in the wild. 

Now, the Land Institute and the BGDC are looking for sustainable solutions for how to handle crop succession in a perennial agricultural system. The challenge is: how do you replace perennial crops with other perennial crops without disrupting the soil and its food web, and without releasing significant amounts of carbon dioxide?

Read the full design brief here. Teams that submit a solution addressing The Land Institute’s design brief will be eligible for all BGDC cash prizes, including the $1,000 sub-challenge prize. The deadline to apply is May 11, 2016.

Photo: The Land Institute

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