Project Info
Climate Change 2017
Award Winner
Project Overview

By emulating the mechanisms of blue crab & bay grass, and their mutualistic relationship within the ecosystem of Chesapeake Bay, Cool Down B’More is a network that connects low-income communities to designated cool spaces via an affordable transportation system. It has three main parts: Cool Circulator: Learning from the migration process of blue crabs, Cool Circulators transport people from hot areas to Cool Stations. This idea builds upon the existing free bus system in Baltimore, and programs for the elderly and disabled, and proposes expanded routes to increase accessibility. Cool Stations: Inspired by how bay grass provide shelter, protection and food for different species, COOL STATIONS are existing structures spread throughout the city (churches, rec centers, libraries & community centers) for residents use in providing thermal comfort. These stations could have multiple functions (community kitchen, rec area, TV room, etc) and serve a diverse group of people including children, adults, elderly citizens, single people, and families. There can also be training sessions that provide education on asthma and health.Cool Exchange: Looking at the mutualistic relationship between blue crabs and bay grasses, residents and visitors can freely access the Cool Stations, but they are also responsible for maintenance. This signifies a relationship where both parties mutually benefit. People can volunteer to help each other conduct events via Cool Exchange program. There are multiple ways to connect citizens to the Cool Down B’More via both print and digital platforms. Those methods educate communities on the available transportation options and location of COOL STATIONS.This idea would increase access to cool spaces for vulnerable populations, connecting them to the right information, transportation, and protection from the heat and reducing the likelihood of heat-related health issues.

Team Members

Jingmei Yang, Rachel Serra, Naeeme Mohammadi

Maryland Institute College of Art
Maryland, United States, Baltimore