Project Info
Food Systems 2015
Project Overview

Our design concept is to create easily-replicated hydroponic greenhouses to grow food anywhere in the world, year-round, in any environmental conditions.

  • We will use re-purposed ocean shipping containers as our structure to reduce costs, meet local building codes and minimize construction time.
  • We will capture cave-effect air from 20 feet below ground in a high-speed circulating air vortex to maintain optimal temperatures in the greenhouses year-round and minimize heating / cooling costs.
  • We will use non-circulating hydroponics to grow the food, as this process requires the least amount of human intervention and daily maintenance to yield high volumes of wholesome fresh food.
  • We will use LED lights to grow the plants, as they use the least amount of electricity of any artificial light source, have up to a 30-year performance life, are dropping in cost due to the major ramp-up of worldwide manufacturing, and can meet the flowering requirements of virtually every major food crop.
  • And finally, we will use natural mineral nutrient solutions to feed the plants to both reduce costs and assure that the vegetables and fruit provide maximum nutritional value.

In essence, we propose the creation of a streamlined food production dynamo that can be replicated, installed and made operational very quickly and economically. The purpose of these units is to grow food in the simplest possible way operating almost entirely on auto-pilot and managed by people with minimal training or farming skills  anywhere in the world “ providing healthy life-sustaining nutrition for all.

Team Members

Randall Putala