Project Info
Climate Change 2018
Award Winner
Project Overview
Phalanx is our biomimicry inspired insulation grid meant to be applied to exterior walls of existing buildings. Intended to be used in urban coastal regions like Southern California, this system could drastically reduce interior temperatures of buildings passively without the need for electricity.Phalanx insulation has three layers each with the purpose of cooling the layer behind it. Our first layers wave pattern creates shade, reflects sunlight and increases the surface area for better heat distribution. As hot air flows into the first layers inlet hole pattern it cools via the venturi effect. That air then flows through and up the Phalanxs second layer and meets the third layer where a moist capillary mat cools the air and evaporates water. This phase change drops the temperature of the buildings exterior wall and ultimately refreshes interior spaces. The Phalanx system utilizes grey water collected from the buildings water drainage. That water flows through to the bottom of the third layer, and climbs the capillary mat through tension and osmosis. While the grey water helps chill more effectually it is not necessary for Phalanx to produce cool results.All together Phalanx utilizes resources efficiently. It requires no electricity, has no moving parts, can be assembled on existing architecture, makes use of otherwise wasted water, and ultimately saves money while it cools.
Team Members
Eric Askeland, Albert Gonzalez, Tim Enslow, Oscar Guerra, Jesus Mateo
California State University Long Beach
Long Beach, United States