Project Info
Climate Change 2018
Award Winner
Project Overview
Genrail is an urban, modular, wind-energy harnessing system that aims to solve the problem of local city energy deficiencies. Meant to live over the distinct Jersey Median Rail, this system was developed with Los Angeles in mind but is adaptable to all high-speed roadways. Our hope was to more sustainably deal with increased energy consumption plaguing the current urban landscape. Applying the principles of biomimicry we took the most dynamic properties of the cockroach, California condor, and desert snail to solve this pressing world need. We replicated the compressable elasticity of the cockroach to create safe impact zones over the jersey rails. The wing shape of the California condor was observed to help create energy harnessing fans housed inside the Genrail structure. Lastly, we utilized the internal structure of the desert snail to create a system of vacuums aided by the venturi effect propelling the wind forward and providing extra power for the city. Genrail is a fresh approach to localized scalable energy production by adopting the proven model of wind farming. We relocated the windmill to the city center by placing it into the continuously windy corridors of the roadway with a small footprint, high efficiency, ease of production and implementation designed for people and municipalities holistically. 
Team Members
Ryan Genena, Chris Sagui, Matt White, Benjamin Dadacay, Roman Wiant
California State University, Long Beach
Long Beach, United States