Project Info
Project Info
Food Systems 2016
Project Overview

City life can get very stressful. Tons of people, constant traffic, and endless amounts of fast food restaurants are the primary causes of stress. Our goal is to create an easy to use product that would enrich and better the lives of city folks. Aquacity is a gardening infrastructure built on the concept of hydroponics, Aquacity is a water conserving and space efficient method of providing healthy diet options for those in an urban environment. Drawing inspiration from the bee, the lobed comb jellyfish, the Suriname sea toad, as well as planet Earth’s water cycle, we aim to increase the quality of life through the application of biomimicry. The product has a bee inspired honey comb structure which allows for maximum space efficiency and numerous configuration possibilities. LED strips line the front face of the product were inspired by the bioluminescence of the lobed comb jellyfish, relaying information regarding nutrient levels in the water to the user. The user can grow different species of plants in the individual capsules, which have nutrient-rich water falling in the back, growing plants via hydroponics. This capsule system was inspired by the nurturing characteristics of the Suriname sea toad, which store its offspring in little pods in its back. Water flows through the entire system, ultimately being collected and pumped back to the first unit, where the cycle begins again and where additional nutrients can be introduced to the cycle. This ensures each plant receives ample amount of water while also reducing overall water usage. Aquacity can be applied to any flat wall surface, and the separate capsules allows for ease of customization and ease of cleaning. Enjoy a healthier lifestyle with Aquacity.

Team Members

Jimmy Huynh, Matt Ulery, Patrick Soriano, Brian Mar

California State University, Long Beach