Project Info
Food Systems 2016
Project Overview

A great deal of global food garbage is generated every year, which accounts for over 10% of the total food supply per year. In Taichung City, most of food waste is dealt with by incineration, landfill, compost, and pig feed. During the transporting and processing, a lot of pollution and food safety issues are highly debated. How to deal with the numerous food garbage comes to be a considerably thorny problem. Based on the cycle of food system, our design is focusing on the impacts to climate change, environment pollution and land use influenced by the process that food garbage returns to the soil nutrients through the decomposition of eco-system. To solve the problems and stop pollution from the source, the concept of home decomposer comes out. Through the biological functions and strategies filtering , those are chosen to be imitated in our design that the breath system of cockroaches ,the air circulation system of termites’ nest, the structure to isolate carbon dioxide of cocoon and the high-efficiency space-use of honeycomb. Therefore, the design is an completely aerobic decomposer, combined with the concept of urban calendar farm ,which is really high-efficiency, clean, widely available and beautifying the environment.In this way,the sustainability of food garbage recycle in the food cycle system is substantial promoted.

Team Members

Jiaqi Tan, Echo Yang, Yichung Chen, Wentao Zhang

Tunghai University