This page is meant to provide you with insight as to where you and your team can intervene in the system to help combat, adapt to, and mitigate climate change.

General Background

Background information on the science of climate change and the mitigation and adaptation efforts that are already taking place worldwide

  • *Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Detailed report on climate change mitigation
  • NOAA’s Provides an abundance of resources from news & features, to maps & data, to teaching resources on climate change
  • NASA Global Climate Change: NASA explores the vital signs of our planet with facts, articles, and solutions to climate change
  • The CLEAN Collection - Compiled by the Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network, this collection is a rigorously reviewed collection of over 650 educational resources aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.


Buildings, architecture, transportation, infrastructure, and cities

Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services

Impacts and approaches for the conservation of natural landscapes and oceans for the protection of biodiversity and the essential services these ecosystems provide


A look into the diverse issues surrounding freshwater, including drinking water, stormwater, runoff, precipitation changes, and future water projections.


Sea levels rising, Arctic ice melting, ocean acidification, and coral bleaching, climate change is putting our oceans under a lot of stress.


As sea levels rise, coastal communities and ecosystems are becoming increasingly jeopardized
  • RISE: Climate Change and Coastal Communities: a multimedia project discussing sea level rise

Policy & Social Systems

Social and organizational impacts and approaches, e.g. government action, community organizing, behavior change campaigns, etc.

Human Health & Wellbeing

Climate refugees and natural disasters (floods, droughts, forest fires, superstorms, resource depletion) - how climate change is harming the world’s most vulnerable populations

Energy Systems

Fossil fuels, nuclear, renewables and the amount of energy we consume as a species


Greenhouse gases, carbon capture and sequestration, and atmospheric science

Agriculture & Food Issues

Agriculture, food waste, food security, food emissions

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