Submission Requirements

All materials submitted must be in English. Visit the Rules and FAQs page for details about the submission process and eligibility requirements. In addition to these guidelines, we strongly recommend that you carefully review the judging criteria before submitting your entry.

In order to enter the Challenge, your team must provide the following:

  1. Team Information: Names and email addresses for all team members, location, and school and advisor/mentor name, if relevant.
  2. Project title (70 character limit)
  3. Design concept overview (300 words maximum): A brief overview of your design concept. This text will be used to describe your project in our public online submissions gallery.
  4. Design concept image (JPG format): A photograph, rendering, or illustration representing your design concept . This will be the primary image used to identify your project on our website or in related media.
  5. Team photo (JPG format): The team photo will be used in our gallery of submissions and/or in related media. The photo should depict all team members.
  6. Video pitch (3 minutes maximum): The video should provide an overview of your design, highlight your design process, convey key discoveries or insights, and ultimately convince the judges that your idea has merit. The video must be uploaded to and publicly available for view. For advice on creating your video, download this guide:  "Tips for Your Video Pitch"
  7. Project presentation document (PDF format, 15 pages or less, no larger than A4 size): A presentation in the form of PowerPoint or Keynote slides (or similar text and image layout). This document will not be made public. See below for details on the content that this presentation must include.

Presentation Document Requirements

  • An overview of your scoping process.
  • An overview of your biological inspiration process, including:
    • A list of all of the organisms and biological strategies you considered, including at least two local organisms in your biome.
    • A description and at least one illustration showing an understanding of the biological strategy that was emulated to create the design;
    • A description and at least one illustration showing how the biological strategy was incorporated into the design;
    • An explanation of how nature's unifying patterns were considered and applied to the design, including evidence of how they help your design achieve valid and significant environmental or social wins.
  • The business case for your proposed solution. A discussion of value proposition and target customer segments is required; a Business Model Canvas is optional.
  • Next steps: A description of the current limitations of your design and a description of next steps, obstacles to be overcome for the design to be implemented, and unknown factors to be considered (e.g. materials needed, engineering tests required, etc.)
  • Team makeup and dynamic: An overview of team member disciplines and how you worked together as a team.
  • References: A list of all references and sources, including experts consulted.

Copyright Notice:

When you submit, you will check a box to verify that your entry is the original work of the team members listed on the Submission Form. Doing so confirms that your entry is free of copyright infringement. If any copyrighted materials are used in your submission they must be properly credited and follow U.S. Fair Use guidelines. This resource from the University of Texas offers more information about US copyright and Fair Use qualifications.

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(Note: Only Team Leaders can begin the submission process. For more detail, see the FAQ's