This quick-start guide to biomimicry helps you learn how to apply nature's lessons to design challenges.


Discover potential solutions to your design challenge on the Biomimicry Institute's award-winning resource for biological inspiration.

Climate Change Resources

Explore this collection of topical resources to help you identify a specific climate change problem to approach.


Connect with experienced biomimicry, technical, business, and educational professionals who volunteer their time to help BGDC teams.

Support webinars

Join us for this series of live webinars, created specifically to help you create your best nature-inspired innovation for the Challenge.

Rapid Prototyping

Visit IDEO's DesignKit page on Rapid Prototyping to learn how to build your prototype quickly and share them immediately so you can keep learning.

Makerspace Directory

Makerspaces often have resources available to help you prototype your solution. Check out this directory to find a Makerspace close to you.